I can...

  • Design products and services. (research, analyze, prototype, test, iterate...)
  • Collaborate in teams and work with people.
  • Do anything online. The web is my playground.
  • Reflect and learn from mistakes.

I can not...

  • Keep important feedback just for myself.
  • Create advanced visual design. This CV is my best.
  • Sing, but I can play ukulele. Almost three chords.
Contact me! hello@ondrejhenek.cz


  • House of Řezáč www.houseofrezac.com
    web analyst and designer

    Since February of 2017 I am part of leading web design agency in Czech Republic. My main focus is to analyze user behavior and optimize websites through a/b testing or other type of experiments. My second role there is a designer, where I focus on user research and content creation, leaving user interfaces, graphics and programming to others.

  • University of Southern Denmark

    In 2017 I have finished IT Product Design at University of Southern Denmark. The focus was on participatory design & innovation, research methods and self-reflection. My thesis was about MOOC Retention Rate and Motivation, where I used my side project - Nostis.

  • Brno University of Technology

    My bachelor studies in Information Technology gave me a broad overview of IT landscape, but my thesis was already focused on user experience in web design (in Czech only).

  • Ondrej Henek webdesign

    I am self-employed since 2012, when I started tinkering with websites for some money. After several solo-projects I started collaborating with NGO Nugis Finem.

Selected works

  • TIC Brno website prototype uedn6w.axshare.com

    The Tourist Information Center of Brno wanted to separate their B2B and B2C website. My job in House of Řezáč was to be part of several workshops with the client to prioritize target groups and services. Then we carried out user research focused on the primary target group - culture event organizers. Designing the content of the website was not easy due to the vast number of services TIC offers, but the biggest challenge is the user interface itself, where my competences are still in development.

  • Point'N'Turn itpd.github.io/pointnturn/

    With my two colleagues in Denmark, we often had to deal with video conferences and co-located design sessions, where we noticed many issues. Based on observations and interviews with other designers we pinpointed two biggest problems. The inability to look around a room and point at things. That's why we designed and prototyped our Point'N'Turn prototype on Arduino platform to make designers' lives easier.

  • University e-bulletin board www.nastenka.pf.upol.cz

    Throughout my bachelor thesis, I have gathered a lot of knowledge about law students in Olomouc. And one of their biggest problems was communication with teachers. So we got together with NGO Nugis Finem and Palacky University of Olomouc to create a new web application based on actual user needs.


  • Self-reflection and curiosity

    95% knowledge
  • Web analytics & CRO

    80% knowledge
  • User Research methods

    70% knowledge
  • Programming and web development skills

    65% knowledge
  • Graphical design

    10% knowledge
  • Besides various programming languages I speak fluently Czech, English, some basics in Spanish. And I can say "cheers" in many, many other languages.

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